Web Solutions

Web Solutions:

We provide all aspects of web development necessary to establish a company’s presence on the web. This includes:

  • Enterprise web development ( www.healthfusionix.com and www.MediTibb.com )
  • Design and development of corporate web sites
  • Web applications development
  • Database, e-commerce and e-business solutions
  • Web portals for usage on Intranets/ Extranets
  • Web hosting and site maintenance

Web Development Features:

  • Modular and scalable
  • Easy to navigate
  • Conforms to corporate identity
  • Secure with admin access privileges
  • Content Management System (CMS) driven which enables staff members with proper access privileges to edit content
  • Functional and interactive vs. informational (brochure type)
  • Social Media integration and support
  • Smartphone (Iphone, Android) and IPAD support

Our Web Development methodology goes through the following phases:

  • Research and concept generation
  • Identifying audience(s)
  • identifying the corporate identity elements such as color theme, fonts and positions
  • Writing specs
  • Identifying the various components
  • Identifying technologies and whether databases are to be used
  • Identifying the graphics and whether Flash and other multimedia elements are to be used
  • Developing the site structure on paper
  • Approving the site structure by client
  • Designing prototypes
  • Approving design prototypes by client
  • Constructing databases
  • Integrating social media platform components
  • Integrating database with design
  • Launching beta version of the site
  • Testing site and database integrity with real data
  • Testing site load and performance
  • Execute modifications if required
  • Uploading final version
  • Final deployment and going live
  • Training and writing instructions
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